In this "get out" film the guy drssed up in white named logan, is the real him in the sunken place while he is acting different?

he acts like a typical 1900s guy who wouldnt harm anyone but when someone when chris took photos of him his voice changed, sounded different, he started acting different, his facial expressions change, and he was attacking chris, also how did the flash stay in his eyes for a couple more seconds when there is no more flash? 

1 Answer

  • 2 months ago

    The "sunken place" is the hypnotized state that Rose's mother puts the black people in, so that the consciousness of the white person can be implanted and the white person can live in the body of the black person. Logan is the black man that Rose's masked brother kidnaps at the very beginning of the movie. The body of Logan is there, but the consciousness of the older white lady's husband is in Logan. So, when Chris sneakily takes the photo, with the hopes of sending this to his buddy to get the name on this familiar face guy, the flash snaps Logan out of the "sunken place" aka hypnotized state that Rose's mother puts people in. So, the real, actual black Logan becomes conscious again and runs to Chris telling him to "get out" as a warning to him to let Chris know he too will be put in the sunken place and end up like him. Rose's mother has to re-put Logan in the "sunken place" so the old white lady's husband's consciousness can stay and then you notice when "Logan" comes back he apologizes to Chris.

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