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Ever since my uncle got divorced he’s been dating like crazy, is this normal of a man midlife?

His ex I hear is in a midlife crisis where she’s turning on people and making all of her problems other people‘s faults including his.  Her midlife crisis is apparently her becoming a mean person.  She’s brainwashing some of her kids as well. 


The uncle however is suddenly a teenager again. He’s on his third girlfriend, goes out and parties, goes to bars despite coronavirus, even got the coronavirus so that was from his daughter, and has had three girlfriends in 2.5 years. The couple divorced about a year and a half back but they’ve been separated since three years ago.  


So my question is is this normal of a man middle-aged to sort of resort back to teenage ways when they lose their wife to a divorce or even in cases of death? The wife’s midlife crisis I assume is menopause but I don’t know what excuse the man has except that he’s out of a marriage that was definitely a bad marriage, almost like a Dr. Phil Episode.  

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    Your Uncle has probably been miserable his whole life with your aunt never putting out. I bet he's having the time of his life tagging everything out there that he can.

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    May be your uncle wants to invest time, energy and money into the life of his new partner. This isn't a one-night stand or a crazy quick fling.

    After a particular time period he might feel something different in his life. Till then let him enjoy his life. 

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    Often people want to have reassurance that they are still attractive to the opposite sex.  And by implication that the divorce wasn't THEIR fault. It must have been their partner's fault instead.  Offsetting that is a hatred for the opposite sex so "using" them is fine, loving them is not.

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    It's pretty common when you lose your long-term relationship or marriage, as a guy, is to get back out there and see what is possible, what sex is like again, and having fun.

    Most modern married guys are having it pretty hard, not much sex and a lot of nagging. To get back to where women are nice, affectionate and sexual is exciting, but there are reasons why women do that. And once they know they have you, especially married, they let you meet the real person. One that often does not like sex near as much as their single selves. It's like night and day.

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    It's fairly common for people just getting out of long marriages to go crazy in the dating/hookup world for a while, yes.

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    I don't think anything is "normal" after a divorce. I was divorced around age 40. My ex said "NO" a lot. I started out overcompensating, and kept it up for almost ten years. I had two or three simultaneous affairs going the whole time. I was having sex with three women almost every day. I don't know if your uncle and I were normal, but we sure aren't alone.

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    You certainly obsess a lot over the 

    behavior of this uncle of yours. Yes, 

    it is normal. Now that you know this, 

    can you PLEASE move on and stop 

    pestering us? 

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