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How do I avoid getting the coronavirus after I’m vaccinated since 5% of people will still get it?

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    The vaccine is showing signs that the antibodies are disappearing at a similar rate to the natural antibodies that people develop when they have covid.

    - Unless you get re-vaccinated ever 4 months, your vaccine may not going to work

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    If you are NOT infected then you should NOT get the vaccine!!!

    Since I am not infected, then I will not get the vaccine. Because it doesn't make any sense, for someone who is not infected to get the vaccine.

    I am not infected yet. I don't know anyone who is infected, but that might change. I watched videos online of people who are infected, and people have died too do to getting infected.

    Taking the vaccine may have serious side effects, and it may cause death too, so avoiding the coronavirus would be in everyone's best interest.

    Doing social distancing is the only thing that I can think of that can prevent people from getting infected. If social distancing is not done properly then people can still get infected.

    How you protect your face matters too. If protecting your face is done wrong then it's possible to get infected if you are around other people, and you don't know if they are infected, or not.

    There are people who think that protecting their face won't work, or it's a sign of weakness well in my opinion I think this is more like garbage of society if you want my two cents worth.

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    The same way you avoided get it before you were vaccinated.  It has been a year since it first appeared in the US (late 2019).  You have not gotten it yet,  Your odds or getting it have been reduced 95% by the vaccine.  So if you continue to use common sense like you have for the last year, you are unlikely to get it.

    You do realize that 99% of the people who get the virus do recover form it, right?

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    in my country, our health ministry was clear and transparent about the role of vaccines in this pandemic.. it is either you were not paying attention to your local health department announcements or your local health department has done a poor job educating people.. YES, you can still get COVID-19 virus (better known as SARS-CoV-2) after being vaccinated against it.. and you should know that a vaccine only improves your chances of not getting the illness, a vaccine does NOT stop you from getting the illness.. you will STILL need to social distance yourself and you need to wear mask even after being vaccinated with a COVID-19 vaccine..

    the way we explain this to people is that when you go to war, you will need to wear or bring a helmet, a bullet-proof vest, a machine gun and a side gun, some eye protection and such - you need all that to improve your chances of not getting injured or killed in the war.. think of a COVID19 vaccine as the bullet proof vest, and a mask as a helmet, social distancing as main weapon and washing hands as your side arm.. you need ALL that to increase your chances for not getting COVID-19.. and above all, you need to be smart and listen to your local public health announcements (and not some random people on the social media).. until when?!

    only when the war has ended and only when there is no danger in sight, we can take off the helmet, put away the weapons and such.. and only when less and less people get COVID-19 at any given community (when the daily new cases of COVID-19 are in single digits), we can put down the mask, bring people to social events and allow free travel all over the world - like we used to.. now based on our SARS coronavirus data (the original SARS-CoV that used to terrorize east Asia and India in 2003 to 2015), most COVID-19 vaccine produces antibodies upto 4.5 months (137 days on average) but the cellular immunity (the memory B & T cells inside the body) gives immunity against the coronavirus for additional 2-3 years (hopefully longer)..

    COVID-19 vaccines are only meant to slow down the pandemic, but it will take more time for it to reach the full stop.. and as we have learned from the Measles epidemic of 2000s and 2019's, we will need at least 90% (some say 70% or 80%) of people in any community to be immune and/or to be vaccinated to achieve the herd immunity.. and to start bringing life back to normal again..

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    Don't make out with a covid patient .

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