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How good is this text written?

The first film from the series "The Lord of the Rings" opens at the shire. Frodo hears his friend Gandalf approaching the place where he is. He then runs to him, and decide to go together to the Hobbit village. The reason for Gandalf to come to the shire is that the next day it will be Bilbo Baggin's birthday. So, he came to greet him, and to wish him all the best. Once arrived at the village, Gandalf and Fordo go separate ways. Gandald heads for Bilbo's house where he hopes finding him. Initially Bilbo doesn't open the door because he wants to avoid possible nuisaces. When he recognizes Gandalf, he invites him to get in, and offers him something to eat. Although many years went by, Bilbo still preserved his young look. Gandalf seemed to be very impressed about that, and askeds him what it could depend on.


I'm learning English.

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    That's very impressive.  It's not perfect, but it does the job (and does it much better than I could in any of my second languages, even when I was at my most proficient).  Keep at it!  I think you will benefit the most at this stage of your development from READING in English.  Read all you can.  Start with children's books.


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    It's satisfactory, but there are numerous grammatical and punctuation errors as well. If you're an advanced English student it's not particularly good, but if you're an intermediate or beginning English student, it's quite well-written.

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