Questions I have for a Medical assistant that can give me info for me :)?

1.How are your daily schedule? 

2.How do you feel about the career you have chosen? 

3.Do all patients feel safe when they see you? 

4.Is their anything you would have changed when you were learning the career you chose? 

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  • April
    Lv 6
    1 month ago

    Most Medical Assistants work day shift positions in clinics. (Sometimes the hours vary. You may do 8-4 one day, then 10-6 the next, etc.) Medical Assistants usually have good job satisfaction. However, you need to have good time management skills and be detail oriented because clinics are very short staffed. Dealing with patients is like customer service. You need patience and professionalism to deal with them, and the ability to multitask. Sometimes people will call in angry about meds not being prescribed on time, bad reactions, errors at the office, etc. Many sick people are not in a good mood.

    As far as the career path? Do yourself a favor and just go to LPN school. (It is highly underrated!) The MA field simply doesn't pay enough for a single wage earner to support themselves. In my area, they usually only start out at $12/hour. LPNs can earn almost twice that with only 1 year of schooling, plus there's more variety on where you can work and opportunities for overtime.

    Just my opinion, though.

  • 28AKO
    Lv 5
    1 month ago

    Everyone schedule is different as a medical assistant. It really depends where you're employed at that dictates your schedule. 

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