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Do you think friendship and and experienced influence the success of a person?

As a kid I was really smart and learned quick. Later on I was bullying, I had and still have no friends and I am alone and depressed and I can't study well, at least I haven't reached what I thought I could. Is that due to depression? I feel like other people were always helped and didn't go through the way I was treated.

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    Depression could be a significant factor .  You are not living up to your potential; you are not progressing in your education and your social life is zilch. So, what can you do about all this? My best advice would be to get into therapy. Given the pandemic, on line resources are currently available, or if you can find an opening with an in-person resource, this would be preferable.

    Pick someone of the same gender as the parent with whom you felt closest. Check their professional qualifications, find someone on a sliding scale that you can afford, and see if you feel its a "good fit", since the relationship is often believed to be the single most significant help.

    Good luck, do this and it may change your entire life and future.

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    Hello concerned one are you being treated for depression and because of this you find it hard to concentrate or find friends? We all did something we shouldn’t have in life that we regret sometimes it goes away from our mind and sometimes unfortunately it haunts us. You can’t change the past only your future and you can’t change people attitudes or ways only yours. Pray for help strength and courage to be a better you to find your joy and purpose in life and to find true friends but you have to try to be a friend too. 

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    Later on you were bullying?? Who were you bullying? And why were you bullying them?

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