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Circle of light skin explanation?

OK, so just curious about one thing...

Years ago/growing up, I had three freckles that I would refer to as "Triangles" because connected with marker, they'd make a triangle...Well insecure high school me thought that if I picked at one or two of them than I could "get rid of" the freckles and feel like my arms are prettier. (Side note; I hate having freckles now at age thirty).

So I've had this light circle mark since high school. Notice that's its a lighter shade than the rest of my skin? I don't know skin science, so just curious as to why this is like this.


P.s...Yes, I did shave my arms. I wanted to see if I liked them shaved or not....I don't. Thank god it's long sleeve winter weather!!

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    Math note: Any three points not in a direct line will form a triangle.

    Light research suggests that there are lots of causes of patchy white skin and that most are not a cause for concern. Vitiligo, pityriasis alba, and tinea versicolor were the ones that came up over and over.

    There's also the possibility of, I don't know what to call it, over-formation of scar tissue from picking off those freckles.

    I wouldn't go to the doctor because of this, but I'd ask when I was there for something else.

  • Laura
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    Its most likely scar tissue from you picking at your skin so much.  Scar tissue is not the same as normal skin tissue, it is usually lighter and not as elastic.  It won't tan like the rest of your skin either.  

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