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Is this typical of OCD?

I was recently diagnosed with OCD, so I still don't know much about what is common among those whoask experience this disorder. I find I am plagued by constant doubt and anxiety, which leads to catastrophizing.

 I'll give you an example. I could have the thought that I didn't turn off the stove before I went to bed. This will lead me to having a hard time sleeping because I get in bed and my mind starts racing: 'I think I turned off the stove, right? I'm pretty sure I did. But what if I didn't? No, I'm certain I did.  But I might not have. What if the house burns down as a result? Oh my God, I NEED to get up and check.' This leads to me going so far as taking a picture of my stove to have reassurance that it is indeed off and to help avoid having to get out of bed again to check. 

As crazy as this sounds, it's the way it is. I end up basically wrestling with my own thoughts virtually all day and living with a tremendous amount of anxiety and self-doubt. 

Is this a common experience with OCD? 

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    If you go to the Amazon ad for You Are Not Your Brain by psychiatrist Jeffrey Schwartz, you'll see that people with OCD think very highly of this book. You can also hear the testimonials of readers on YouTube.

    As this article shows, Dr Schwartz developed a therapy for OCD that has been validated with brain scan studies.

    He's one of the many mental health professionals who believe in mindfulness. If you're interested,

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    I have exactly the same type of OCD and its so stressful as people dont understand that its a type of OCD as they have this assumption that OCD is to do with cleaning! mines the stoves, oven, windows, taps, plugs, doors! they are the worst, lights. I have to check if I have dropped things like passport, keys, phone, money 

    this is dead normal for OCD

    im the same 

    or if I send a email I have to check that I really sent it as I dont believe I did, same with letters, uni work, alarms I dont trust. its a difficult thing to have to deal with its exhausting 

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