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If The Royal Mail Loses Your Delivery. How To Contact Them? ?

I ordered a box of unsold clearance stock from Ebay. It was supposed to arrive last Thursday 2nd class and signed for but I was asleep till 11am and I think the postman knocked on the door around 9am to deliver it. I didn’t hear the doorbell and the postman marked it as delivered and wrote down a random initial. I called up EBay yesterday and told them about not receiving my order. They tracked the delivery and said I received it and it was signed for then they read out the signature to me and I told them that is not my signature and I didn’t receive the item. They didn’t even leave me a note or anything. 

How do I contact Royal Mail about this situation? 

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    First, don't be fobbed off.  If delivery is included in the price, the seller is responsible for the package being delivered to you.  In these days of social distancing, the postman will normally leave it on the step and sign for it himself, but he's not supposed to go to the next delivery until he's seen you collect it.  Contact the seller and say it wasn't delivered to you.  The delivery contract is between the seller and Royal Mail and he needs to chase them up.  If he doesn't accept this, send a payment demand via Money Claim online

    If you want to complain to Royal Mail, make a note of the tracking number, go to your local parcels office and ask for a complaint form.

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    Royal Mail doesn’t consider an item “lost” until 30 days after posting.

    If you haven’t paid for additional insurance, compensation is limited to £20.

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    Contact them via their website.

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    Have you tried... their website?

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    Go to your local sorting office and complain. They know which postie delivered in your street.

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