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Should I buy this desktop?

GeForce GTX 1660Ti graphics card

Ryzen 7 2700 processor with 16GB RAM


I don't play games and I just want it so I get no more lag. Will this desktop do? 

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    low speed internet connection needs to be checked before you spend big money on a new computer

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    I can tell that is a used desktop because the Ryzen 7 2700 was released during the spring of 2018. However if the price is good then go for it. If the price isn't good then look for an alternative. Most of that PC's value is tied up in the GTX 1660ti graphics card which won't help with lag. The GTX 1660ti is only useful if you're running special software that can take advantage of the CUDA acceleration.

    Sometimes I browse the internet and watch videos on a laptop that has a Core i5 dual-core CPU with Hyperthreading, 8gb of RAM, weak Intel integrated Graphics and a SSD. For the most part it does fine but there have been a few isolated occasions when the CPU usage gets high. Aside from that, having the SSD really does help out a lot. 

    8gb of RAM is enough for simple tasks but there's no foul with having 16gb of RAM. If you have a PC with a 6-core Core i5 or 6-core Ryzen 5 CPU, an NVMe SSD, and a simple graphics solution then you will have literally a battletank for web-surfing. Even a newer Core i3 or Ryzen 3 CPU with 4 cores and multithreading is more than enough for simple use and web-surfing without any lagging. 

    The only problem I can think of with that PC is the Ryzen 7 does not come with integrated graphics, so you are stuck with having to use a graphics card. People laugh at the current Core i9-10900k or the 8-core Core i7-10700k (and the non-K variants) but at least those come with a integrated graphics. Something like this with an NVMe drive may be overkill for web-surfing but at least there will be no lagging.

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    No. f you don't play games you don't need it.

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    Yes, that is overkill.  Ryzen 5 with 8GB of RAM and no dedicated graphics card would work, as long as it is booting off of an nvme format SSD of 256GB or larger.

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    It's a waste of money to buy a video card like that if you don't play games.   The "Ryzen 7 2700"  was released in April of 2018.   If you want something faster for browsing the web spend your money on a newer\better processor and SSD.   For AMD processors look up the release date here:

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