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What is the process in upgrading my laptop professionally?

I want to make my laptop more powerful so it never lags and can run on my 1440p monitor perfectly. What part do I need to replace and where can I find it? After where do I go to get it all upgraded professionally?


Operating System

Windows 10 Home 64-bit


 Intel Core i7 7700HQ @ 2.80GHz 64 °C

 Kaby Lake 14nm Technology


 16.0GB Dual-Channel Unknown @ 1196MHz 




 LEN D32qc-20 (2560x1440@75Hz)

 Generic PnP Monitor (1920x1080@60Hz)

 Intel HD Graphics 630 (ASUStek Computer Inc)

 4095MB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 (ASUStek Computer Inc) 57 °C

 SLI Disabled


 119GB SanDisk SD8SNAT128G1002 (SATA (SSD)) 37 °C

 931GB Hitachi HGST HTS721010A9E630 (SATA ) 46 °C

Optical Drives



It's a Asus FX553V Laptop. It cost over $1600 AUD.

Update 2:

Listed system model GL553VD

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    buy a new one ... most laptops are not significantly upgradable and you told us nothing about the make or model ... which suggests you have a relatively cheap one, or an old one, -- neither of which is worth trying to upgrade.  -- grampa

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    Laptops aren't designed to be upgraded like desktops are. What you see is what you get. Most modern laptops have the CPU soldered on the motherboard and non-upgradable, increasing the memory from 4GB to 8GB gives a modest improvement, beyond that only a little. Perhaps the biggest boost is to swap out the mechanical hard drive for an SSD, this improves boot and load times but does little for frame rates.

    You could take the laptop to a local workshop for an opinion but don't get your hopes up for a massive improvement.

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