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Friend keeps putting off my recommendation. What should I do?

I volunteered for my best friend's organization. Now that I am going to grad school, I needed her to submit a survey sent from the school about me. It's been a month now and she never sent it. I asked her and she said shes been putting it off. She isn't busy. I've seen her social media. All she does is sit home and go to the store to buy clothes. She even said she's preparing for a friend's hotel party for the ladies.

Like I get it, you want to do stuff for yourself too but this is important for me. The survey only takes a few minutes. I'm upset. I feel so disappointed in her. If she volunteered for me and needed my reference I would do it and finish it in a heartbeat for her. 

What should I do? 

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    Tell her the school keeps sending you final notice reminders that you havent submitted it and ask her has she changed her mind? She will say, no she hasnt. Then you say, by when do you think you can have it done because it means alot to me and the school actually called me for a courtesy reminder that it hasnt been turned in. I just dont want to look bad.

  • 1 month ago

    Find a REAL friend, perhaps?

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