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In WWE which one of these moments was the bigger let down and why?

A few moments in WWE where I just think the wrong booking decision was made

This does NOT including Undertakers streak lol

In order

1. And this is my choice as the worst booking decision ever was Christian losing the world title to Randy Orton in 2 days, I think everyone wanted to see Christian have a lengthy and strong world title reign, it was so well earned and I'm glad he got his moment at a main event level but he deserved better.

2. Kofi Kingston losing the WWE title to Brock Lesnar. This really annoyed me, he had such a solid run with the title aswell, and I understand giving it to Lesnar but he's a part timer that has no passion for the industry and they ruined Kofi after months of building him up. He could of atleast got some offence in and had a 5 minute match, or atleast kick out of a couple of f5's and hit a trouble in paradise for a 2 count.

He still had a world title match at mania that he won.

3. Rey Mysterio losing the WWE championship within an hour.

Only reason it's not higher is that he had 2 other world title reigns, including a royal rumble win and a world title match at Wrestlemania so he had his moments.

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    I wasn't fussed about Kofi losing it to Lesnar as rumours were at the time it would lead to Lesnar V Drew for the belt (which were accurate) and that's as big a match as WWE could put on at the time.

    With Rey it was kind of Meh so i wasn't fussed.

    So Christian I agree. I remember when Cena switched brands in 05 and Christian was so over, his time was then. He should have a long run with the title and when he finally got it they ruined it.

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