Work don't have any concern over my health & wellbeing?

So yesterday was a snow day.

It came down early hours of morning so no gritting or ploughing on any roads, I have to travel 40 mins by car to work on a good day... When I saw the half foot of snow I rang in 30 mins before I was due to start to explain my situation.

My manager was asking if I could catch the bus, she checked the route to see if I could make it in. Turns out I could, but we had a row because I was scared I'd be stranded... The buses were cancelled 2 hours later btw.

The manager had sent me some work the day previous at 16:28, 2 mins before I was due to leave... "Titled: Urgent for tomorrow". I'm guessing this is why she wanted me in.

So today she rang me to tell me she's updated my AL record and that other staff had "Tried" to make it in but couldn't get to office... so only I'm lucky enough to use an AL day, everyone got it off basically.

I can't complain about my job, it's great but the lack of concern for my welfare is a huge concern.

I've not had a single day off during Covid and I've been positive twice which work made me work through because I had no symptoms. They've had me working in a 8ft by 6ft office with 1 other person not distanced and people always coming in and out for long periods of time.

It just seems like I can only work from home when I have Covid, meanwhile the 5 manager I work with (I'm lowest paid) get 3/5 days working from home.


Starting to think working for the NHS isn't that great, like what if I died of Covid? I'd of gained nothing, no one would have remembered me... it doesn't seem fair when all my old friends have had 2/3rd of last year off.

Update 2:

Can I also have real answers, I work hard... I've been in this job a long time.

This is a genuine concern of mine and I would appreciate any answers relevant to my question. Even advice if you've been in a similar position?

Update 3:

I also have Asthma, Allergies and Allergic Rhinitis so my breathing is quite bad already.

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  • a
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    1 month ago

    I can tell you what I'd have done...because my boss and I have an arrangement.

    I don't go to work on snow days because...Boss knows  I've got his back. If he needs something for the next day, AND THE NEXT DAY IT'S GOING TO SNOW 12 INCHES I do the work that night before I go home that night. Yes, even if it's time to go home.

    Pretty simple, huh? 

    And yep, I have come in on my day off to get ahead of schedule because of bad weather anticipated later in the week. Additionally, I don't understand since you 'can' work from home, why doing the work required wasn't done from home.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Wha!!! Wha!!! Wha!  Cry baby & Entitled brat.  Only 40 min to work?  It takes me 1 1/4 hours and longer home because of rush hour.  Snow never kept me from work.  Businesses don't shut down just because a foot of snow falls.

  • Barry
    Lv 6
    1 month ago

    Very few employers care about their employees welfare. You are a disposable asset. Tough but true.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    I have a solution. Quit. All your problems are solved.

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  • Tavy
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    1 month ago

    Unfortunately these people are running a business and staff are two a penny these days. They get pressurised from their bosses so it comes down through the chain. Managers can manage remotely , sorry but you are just a pen pusher.

    Don't take it to heart, it's only a job, you are not part of a family who care but just another employee.

    I do have sympathy for you, put it to one side and enjoy your payday.  Many people here are out of work some permanently.

    Btw. Hunch is American and an anti Vaxer, nuff said !


  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    @A Hunch

    This is why I added the last bit about answering with real answers, you clearly haven't read this all through. First of all like millions of others I own my house and where I work shouldn't be a problem, I own a car and can usually travel however my car was stuck in the same snow that stopped buses.

    "being responsible for a situation you created are not related."

    I am not Sky news mate, I don't create the weather... I don't broadcast it. It just happened, loads of other people at work couldn't make their way in but they didn't have to use AL the only difference is they probably lied and said they were trying to get of their drive like I actually was.

    "It's your job to get to work on time, every day you are scheduled."

    THE ROADS WERE BLOCKED WITH SNOW! The buses couldn't make the route, I couldn't make the route.... other people at work couldn't make the route. I can't walk...

    Let me guess you're one of these people that can only acknowledge problems of their own? That's how you come across to me... must be very popular.

  • 1 month ago

    You are the one that chooses to live 40 minutes by car "on a good day".

    Your employer didn't tell you to do that.

    It's your job to get to work on time, every day you are scheduled.  Not just the days that the sun is shining and the roads are dry.

    Having on concern for their employee's well being and being responsible for a situation you created are not related.

    Im response to the additional answer = I READ your question, you did comprehend my answer.

    a) whether you purchased a house that "shouldn't" have been too far (house came first) OR you took a job that "shouldn't have been too far (job came first).  Your question is about your work location not "working" when weather is not good.

    So "shouldn't" have been a problem turned out wrong, because it IS a problem.

    b) take them to the tribunal because you are the only one that had to use AL.

    You poor little thing.  You are so discriminated against. You will get your day of AL back and ruin all chance of promotion. 

    c) I'm am CERTAINLY one of those people who take responsibility for my own actions. 

    - You on the other hand are one of those people who want to get out of personal responsibility = you don't even know what's going one and you ring your job.

    d) If covid got you, your employer would just go on and never think about you.  Probably not, start you own company if you want an employer who really cares and is going to notice. 

    "I can't complain about my job, it's great but the lack of concern for my welfare is a huge concern." laughable. 

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