Headphones battery?

Headphones have two ear cups connected by a headband. When we charge them, we connect the right ear cup to the charger. I've never connected the left ear cup to the charger (not that it's possible). Then, why doesn't the left ear cup run out of battery or electricity? Are there wires running through the headband?


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  • 2 months ago
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    All the electronics are usually in one side.

    There would just be a thin cable in them somewhere, linking from the electronics to the loudspeaker in the other earpiece.

    That's no different to any wired headphones that only have an external cable to one side, there will be a link cable through the headband.

    I've just taken a photo of some - see below.

    The two outer pairs have visible wires from the end of the headband to the earpiece body.

    The centre ones have a concealed connection - a tiny "curly cable" inside the metal adjustment stem that links the earpiece to the headband. 

    You just see it inside the slot in the stem below the headband, while the slot above is empty.

    (And the ones one the left appear to need dusting!)

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  • 2 months ago

    Yes. There’s a wired connection between them.

    On many cheaper headphones all of the electronics and the rechargeable battery will be in just one ear-cup. It makes them cheaper to manufacture.

    On others the major electronics are in one ear-cup and the battery is in the opposite ear-cup. 

    Some cheaply built (but overpriced) models like, SkullCandy and pre-Apple design Beats and similar fashion brands contain metal weights in each ear-cup to disguise the fact that they contain very little substantial material at all.

  • 2 months ago

    Yes, the wires run through the headband so that both ear cups are charged. It's most likely that the "powerhouse", the part that enables Bluetooth connection and facilitates signals from the buttons is on the right side and the only thing needing power in the left side is the speaker. 

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