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Anonymous asked in Entertainment & MusicComics & Animation · 3 months ago

Are there any post-Crisis omnibuses without profanity?

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  • 3 months ago
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    I might be wrong but I'm gonna guess no. In the 80s after things like killing joke and watchmen came out and were smash hits, two books that featured graphic depictions of near rape as well as an interesting but edgy murder mystery, most every comic in the industry turned more toward PG-13 then PG and of course with that comes added profanity. The writer of those hit comics himself Alan Moore has said that he regrets that his works turned the industry more towards adult content and that he wishes he never made the books at all. Even comics featuring younger characters like Superboy and Teen Titans would feature the young teens cussing or trying to have sex occasionally, tho I believe the titans tried to hook up in the 80s volumes too so this was not new. The only way I can help you is by telling you this: Spider-Girl, the series about Spider-Man and MJ's future hero dughter, was a series that kept afloat purely because it sold very well at Scholastic book fairs for elementary school kids. The author Tom Defalco has said in multiple interviews that the book would be on the verge of cancelation at the end of almost every 6 issue story, but because it would sell incredibly well in book fairs they would be told to keep going. Eventually in fact it sold so well that Scholastic demanded a higher cut from marvel, and when they refused and stopped selling books together, Spider-Girl's sales went down and eventually it ended at issue 100. It eventually came back with another volume of 30 issues but I've heard that the stories start to turn darker and feature more death at that point. From what I've seen in interviews I'm going to infer that the original volume was written without profanity or dirty content since it could sell to elementary schools, while also being a great story about a hero growing up and encountering a bunch of new versions of Spider-Man villains. That might be a great read for you if you're willing to check out a marvel book, I bet the first 100 issue volume would be perfect. Update: I wouldn't be surprised if Batman '66 had no profanity, it was made in the last 15 years and technically counts as post crisis.

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