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Can you use a hotspot without going through a mobile provider?

Can you buy one and use it without paying a monthly fee to a mobile provider?

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    You pay whoever provides the data service to the hotspot.  

    That will almost always be a mobile phone service provider as a hotspot connected to a hard-wired phone line is just a normal wifi broadband router.

    The only “free” hotspots are some public wifi systems, or if your mobile phone service includes “free” data (not free, it’s just bundled into what you pay each month) which allows you to use the phone as a hotspot by tethering other devices. Unless you have an unlimited data allowance that uses up any fixed data allowances immensely fast unless you’re just tethering less data-hungry devices such as a Kindle or maybe a music streamer. The other free type is if you have a foolishly generous neighbour or friend living very nearby who allows you free use of their broadband (whether landline or mobile data).

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    No. How will you get a signal?

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    i would ask the phone place about it

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