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Could I be pregnant ?

My period is 3 days late. I took two pregnancy tests and they both came back negative. It is possible to get 2 false positives. I did have unprotected sex but then put on a condom before he ejaculated. 

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    If you were having unprotected sex, even with putting on a condom before he ejaculated, then you are more than likely pregnant. There is sperm in precvm, and he would not be able to know if he sent that. As far as a pregnancy test goes, you can easily get a false negative if you are not using them correctly. 

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    As comment before mine wait a few more days then try again if you haven't come on , although it is a very small chance if he put the condom on before ejaculating he may still have pre-*** inside you.

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    2 months ago

    False negatives are possible.

    If ovulation was a little late - then a positive test will also be a little late.

    Wait five more days - if the period doesn't happen - test again.  Remember that the first pee after sleeping all night has the highest concentration of the hormone that the test is looking for.  First morning pee gives the most accurate results.

    Late ovulation would also mean a late period.  A period will happen ABOUT 14 days after ovulation happened if pregnancy didn't happen.  

    When it has been 21 days after sex, a pregnancy test is accurate.  If the test is still negative at 21 days after sex, then you are not pregnant and your period is missing for some other reason.  (again - late ovulation causes a late period - so it would actually be missing or late ovulation that is the real problem.)

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