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Has anyone here had Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes and contracted Covid-19? If so, what were your symptoms and were they severe? 

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    My cousin has very severe type 2 diabetes.  She has lost toes and had ankle surgery due to the complications.

    She also has 4 other illnesses that put her in the "high risk" category.

    When she had covid, she had about 1 & 1/2 days of strep throat type symptoms.

    My 18 year nephew who plays division 1 sports at a top 25 school had it much worse then she did and he is in tip top shape. 

    It's been determined that covid disease progression is based on our body's inflammation and inflammatory reaction. Being elderly or having other illnesses often increases our body's inflammation but the two don't go hand in hand.

    Vitamin D3 reduces our bodies inflammation levels.  40% of US adults are vitamin D deficient.  There are multiple studies (one by the National Institute of Health) that says we should all strive to have sufficient level of vitamin D to reduce our risk of getting covid and having illness progression, if we do.

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