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What is treatment for Anemia?

What causes Anemia?


Is it curable?

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    low iron levels. U need to eat meat/leafry green veges etc

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    Anemia is just a low red blood cell count and has many possible causes and many different treatments depending on the cause. It also has an extremely wide range of severities. If it results from an iron deficiency, iron supplements are given. If it results from a vitamin B deficiency, a vitamin B supplement is given. Blood loss is treated by stopping the blood loss, and sometimes a transfusion. There are autoimmune disorders that can cause anemia, with various treatments for those. Or there are various other reasons your body might not be producing adequate red blood cells that may be treated with medications to stimulate increased production of them. 

    Most causes are very treatable, but certainly some can prove fatal. For example, a young boy in my area recently died of aplastic anemia. They tried a variety of treatments, including bone marrow transplants and transfusions, but he was not able to recover. 

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    What causes anemia is a lack of iron in the blood. The treatments vary depending on the cause. The most common treatment is supplementing the patient's diet with iron, but that isn't always effective, like in the case of sickle cell anemia. You should seek medical advice. 

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