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fill in the gaps?



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    I don't know about "experiencing" which implies feeling, but it does have a magnetic field

    which can be used in solenoids, magnets, relays, electric motors, transformers.

    piece of wire?  induced   transformers  pickups

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    Yay! Mad Libs!

    A wire carrying an electric current experiences a (noun) when it is in a field. This effect can be used in (plural noun) and electric (plural noun). If a wire is moved through a magnetic field, or the magnetic field near a (noun) of wire changes, a current can be (verb) in the wire. This effect is used in (plural noun) and (plural noun).

    1. boob

    2. boobs

    3. boobs

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    motors and generators

    if the magnetic field changes, a current can be induced in the wire

    motors and generators (again??)

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