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Is America screwed from this point forward?

Half of their country believes in a con man and a constantly proven false conspiracy theory. I do not see how they can go forward from here. I imagine that within the next few years we will see America split into two separate countries which will probably constantly war with one another. American conservatives seem to really hate Middle East Muslims. This is why Christ instructed his people to turn the other cheek so that they don't become just like the people they hate. I do hope that my country's Armed Forces do not have to invade America at some point in the future in order to restore peace and protect the world from the mental disorder that America is going through now.

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    I agree with Jim2. I think there is definitely hope left. I feel like Donald Trump has ruined and divided us causing politics to destroy our country and make people hate each other. Back in the old days, example; when Obama was president, nobody hated each other nor any sort of protest happened when John McCain/Mitt Romney lost. I hope we will go back to being a normal country again after everything just settles down. 

  • Sam
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    2 months ago

    Once Dump is gone the Dump scum will crawl back under their rocks.

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    Some good guys were triggered into action in 1963 and they, and their successors, have been working to take the country back from the bad guys ever since.

  • Jim2
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    2 months ago

    There's hope. Once the LIAR has been gone for a while, there is hope that the majority of country will regain their sanity. (edited my answer slightly, it's not up to me to judge his eternal destination)

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