Do you agree with Bravo Sierra logic?

Israel will by vaccine and will send her doctors to vaccinate Gaza.

Gaza will payback sending missiles and killing Israelis.

Bravo Sierra calls this justice and Humane" way to treat Palestinians...


Bravo to you, for not telling this congress woman is from Muslim district.

Too pity she can't join officially to the Muslim quad...

Update 2:

That woman replaced in congress the Republican Christian Arab. The guy did not support Trump Peace Agreements. But Muslims are Muslims, it did not help him.

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  • BMCR
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    1 month ago
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    I do not agree with the "logic" for the reasons I outlined in my response to that question.

    It is irrelevant to the question whether Hamas will or will not, at one point in the future, shoot missiles at Israel.

    What is relevant is what Israel is obligated to do.

    As is the case with anti Israel cranks, they actually do not care what Israel is or is not obligated to do. They are merely inventing an obligation *in this case* specifically for the purpose of the anti Israel talking point (tm). Why? Because that is what they do.

    I have no issues with Israel cooperating with the Palestinian Authority to help in this matter. But to bash Israel for not giving the vaccine to people who are not citizens less than a month after the vaccinations were deployed and where a 1st world Western country (Canada) has not vaccinated 99% of its population (including seniors) is quite frankly, ridiculous.

  • Robert
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    1 month ago


    As I wrote to the question at URL:

    it has been reported that the "Palestinian Authority" aka "Fatah" had refused to communicate with Israel about a Coronavirus vaccine at the time Israel was making arrangements to obtain them, and that the  P.A. / Fatah have subsequently made their own vaccine arrangements.

    The reader may also be interested to have some more information about who are the "Palestinian" Arabs:

    Who were the Arabs living in British “Palestine” Mandate administered Israel?

    There has never been an indigenous “Palestine” / Arab sovereign state in the land of Israel upon which the “Palestinian” Arabs could base any claim to any part of Israel.

    Following the Ottoman Turkish defeat in the First World War, the League of Nations in 1922 resurrecting the name “Palestine” from Roman occupation, authorized a British Mandate; an administrative region ruled by a foreign imperial power, it was an area that later would be today’s: Jordan, Israel, and the Palestinian Territories - Please compare the second and third maps down, at:

    Jewish citizens were Palestinian: Irrespective of race or religion citizens of the British Mandate became: “Palestinian”.

    Specimen 1947 British “Government of Palestine” passport: “Palestinian citizen”.

    The Media of the time referred to Mandate inhabitants, as:

    “Palestinian Arabs”, / “Palestinian Jews”, or as: “Arabs” / “Jews”.

    The “Palestinian Arabs” dropped the name “Arab” because they do not want you to understand they mostly originate from Foreign-Arab-Migrant-Workers who came to the land of Israel just prior to, and during the British Mandate, to take advantage of higher wages through Jewish returnee-exiles:

    - - - - Start of extract: - - - -

    “[...] most Arabs in British Mandate Palestine were migrant workers and descendants of the 1832-1947 wave of Arab/Muslim immigration from Egypt, the Sudan, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Yemen, Libya, North Africa, Bosnia, India, Afghanistan, etc. While the British Mandate encouraged Arab immigration, it blocked Jewish immigration.”

    Extract source:

    - - - - End of extract - - - -

    - - - - Start of extracts: - - - -

    “[...] the Zionist project was very attractive to Arabs who were drawn to Palestine by the good wages, healthcare and sanitation offered by the Jews. [...] the Arab population of Palestine increased the most in cities where there were large numbers of Jews [...]

    [British] restrictions were placed on Jewish immigration in order to appease Arab troublemakers. However, the situation regarding Arab settlement was much more lax. [...]

    the Arab population of Palestine had been in a state of flux for centuries and that the overwhelming majority were migrants from the rest of the Arab world and/or the Ottoman empire. This is important because it tells us that the postmodern notion of a deep-rooted Palestinian Arab history/culture is bogus. [...]

    This explains why, historically, Arabs never talked about Palestinian identity - because there wasn’t one. They were Egyptian, Syrian, Moroccan, Iraqi and Ottoman Arabs, and many of them expressed allegiance to the concept of a Greater Syria.”

    Extracts source:

    “Arab Immigration to Historic Palestine: A Survey”, by Richard Mather:

    - - - - End of extracts - - - -

    - - - - Start of extract: - - - -

    “Not until the Zionists had arrived in numbers did the Arab population begin to augment itself. The introduction of European standards of wage and life acted like a magnet on the entire Near East. Abruptly, Palestine became an Arab center of attraction. By 1922, after a quarter century of Jewish colonization [Jewish returnee-exiles], their [Arab] numbers mushroomed to 488,000.”

    Extract source:

    - - - - End of extract - - - -

    The “Palestinian” Arabs considering themselves Arab were opposed to being called a “people” until the 1960’s, when they decided it fitted with their intention to steal the land of Israel from its indigenous Jews:

    Why did the “Palestinian” Arabs decide to falsely-claim they are native to the land of Israel?

    The purpose of League of Nations Mandates such as the one awarded to Great Britain, was to develop the territory for the benefit of its native people:

    - - - - Start of extract: - - - -

    “Two governing principles formed the core of the Mandate System, being non-annexation of the territory and its administration as a “sacred trust of civilisation” to develop the territory for the benefit of its native people.”

    Extract source:

    - - - - End of extract - - - -

    Research (2014) on 1,000 “Palestinian” Arab surnames ranked them (numbered them) in order of the highest instances of each surname found in the Palestine region. It also then identified the country(ies) having the highest incidence of those surnames; whether of "Palestine" or other countries. 

    I examined the first 100 of those ranked “Palestinian” Arab surnames (from the total of 1,000 ranked surnames), which makes a 10% sample. 

    Of the sample first 100 ranked “Palestinian” Arab surnames, 16 surnames had the highest incidence in the Palestine region. 

    The remaining 84 “Palestinian” Arab surnames had the highest incidence in countries other than the Palestine region, as follows: 

    35 ranked surnames had highest incidence in Egypt.  

    11 ranked surnames had highest incidence in Iraq.

    9 ranked surnames had highest incidence in Yemen.

    7 ranked surnames had highest incidence in Syria.

    6 ranked surnames had highest incidence in Jordan.

    6 ranked surnames had highest incidence in Pakistan.

    3 ranked surnames had highest incidence in Nigeria.

    2 ranked surnames had highest incidence in Sudan.

    2 ranked surnames had highest incidence in India.

    1 ranked surname had highest incidence in Tanzania.

    1 ranked surname had highest incidence in Saudia Arabia.

    1 ranked surname had highest incidence in Bangladesh.

    Total 84

    Summary of results first 10 ranked “Palestinian” Arab surnames (see source below):

    1) Awad:

    Highest incidence country: Sudan.

    2) Al Najjar:

    Highest incidence country: Yemen.

    3) El Masry:

    Highest incidence country: Jordan.

    4) Odeh:

    Highest incidence country: Nigeria.

    5) Hamdan:

    Highest incidence country: Syria.

    6) Saleh:

    Highest incidence country: Yemen.

    7) Al Khatib:

    Highest incidence country: Syria.

    8) Shaheen:

    Highest incidence country: Egypt.

    9) Manssour:

    Highest incidence country: Egypt.

    10) Mousa:

    Highest incidence country: Egypt.

    My extract source document:

    "Country Origin of Palestinian Arab Surnames.pdf":


  • 1 month ago

    Fanatic Muslims and Zionists shouldn't be vaccinated

    World is better without them 

  • 1 month ago

    Hi Simple,

    I don't want anybody to agree, but just stating what fair and democratic people think of this situation, when the Congresswoman Marie Newman tweeted, “The Netanyahu administration has a moral and humanitarian obligation to ensure that both Israelis & Palestinians have access to vaccines."

    That means it is not my Logic, but the free people logic.

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