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What are some legit acting agencies.?

Like the kind that Netflix casts from

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    SHORT ANSWER:  In the US, industry websites like list agencies.

    LONG ANSWER: Netflix doesn’t cast shows.  It purchases rights to a show from a production company that produces (including casting) a show.

    Companies invest a lot of money in their production and they trust that investment to trained and experienced professionals - so they’re not looking for just anyone. How it works is that a production company hires a casting director (CD) to find qualified actors to audition.  If the CD knows an actor who will be good in a role they can invite that actor to audition.  They can also send information to legitimate agents who can then submit actors for roles.  (To submit means to send in an actor’s headshot and resume listing the actor’s training, experience, special skills and links to a show reel demonstrating an actor’s previous screen work).  If the CD is interested, they invite the actor to audition.

    Legitimate agents are paid a percentage of what an actor makes.  Never pay an agent up front.  Since they’re paid only if an actor books a job, they are very picky about who they take on as clients.  So you can’t just hire an agent or sign up for an agency.  It’s more like they choose you.

    On top of that, in the US most mainstream productions are union meaning they give preference to actors who are members of the SAG-AFTRA union.  It is very hard to get a theatrical agent if you’re not a member of the union.  And you can’t just join the union, you need a specific type of experience to be eligible to join.

    You only need an agent if you’re trying to work at a professional level and professional acting is a business.  You really should research the business end more.  Scams and rip offs prey on people who mistakenly think they can just be “discovered” and put on a TV show.

    The backstage website has articles and advice that might help you better understand how the industry really works.

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    Your acting school will explain all about how to get an agent when you're sufficiently trained and experienced.  It's part of all good acting courses.

    Legitimate agencies will only ever consider professional actors who have had many years of top-quality training and loads of experience.

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