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Why Do people Run people over on The Freeway and hit Cars when Theres a Broken Down car on The Highway why are So Many Drivers Mentally ill?

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    3 months ago
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    People use the word Accident when Most Crashes are on Purpose someone is nearly always at Fault

    a Tyre does not Blow out unless there is a fault

    If I buy a second hand car I Purchase 5 new tyres a crash at working

    Traffic light crashes someone did not look before moving off

    Motorcycle accidents with a  Multy wheeled  Vehicle 83 % not the Motorcyclists Fault

    I will never except i never saw you the Idiot never Looked

  • 2 months ago

    Being selfish is the first thing when mentally unstable or encountering a defect character and you see the same with handicapt people and people that are quite old and have one or more physical limitations. Having your focus at their own interest, people would give up many things but riding. It is presumably a personal right and one would be crazy to end that. The group grows larger then lets say people working in the garden and when gardening is done people tend to go back into the house. Drivers can take their vehicle to any place, all day. You could therefor be right in your observation. When the brain malfunctions, often it has the effect of oxygen or blood shortage in regions and besides the many drawbacks that already has, it can cause euphoria. Patients, suddenly and more or less chronically ill, might think they are doing excellent. Those may repeat error and mix reality with sick imagination. It is hard to reach out to people and change behavior as they get locked up inside. One well known fact is, the many people that have a mindset of a child. Now how many would there be that do not stand out but are basically underdeveloped and hard to reach being in fact young? And off when does getting older take its toll at average? Ask around if any driver would like to learn and practice better riding. Is any-one opening the window when reversing? I told a mistaken man repeatedly it will be saver to do so and that he could park "rear first" when arriving in traffic and having full view at the street when pulling away. It is a strong defense mechanism not to do what other individuals have advised.

    Contributing the feeling of greatness and feeding the idea one fares well.

     I am sure people think I am asking on my own behalf and it does me no favor seeing progress or confirmation that asking helps. Problems with behavior grow bigger trough peoples own psychology. Much too often judges and juries depend on crimes being man slaughter in stead of murder, cars are too much enclosed and hardly ever riding depends on checking and evaluation of capabilities and skills. I wrote the largest political party in The Netherlands a letter saying at those large trucks, with so many foreign employees, a system with driver assistants should be in favor. They wrote me back it would harm the economic position being the only country to do so. This is where the problem with possible regular health checkup and supplemental training lies. I guess that a country gets what it pays for. These days people have never used more medication and consumer drugs and never have they gotten older in age or younger behind the wheel. Cars and trucks were never good like they are now. People are richer, virtual connected to others and diverted with luxury. In The Netherlands there is a lot of roadside construction because we love to pay tax. Fines are double at those sites, where riding is slowed and among the rules where police should intervene. Citizens know those are overtaking traffic at the right side, following at a short distance and ignoring the red light or crossing the diagonal lines. Memory serves well with following rules where trespass is definitely more serious. Having seen rides on YouTube I reckon that there is not any difference where you live. Lousy rules contribute to the number of accidents and people being stopped at the road. A guest from the US told us that the roads were clean compared to the wreckage and car parts she sees at the sides. Me I can only confirm watching video's about traffic. I mean what is next, a tire, fender, grill or a piece of worthless cargo? You want a better life, you pay tax.

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