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Thoughts?  Do you think that Democrats have doomed the Democrat Party? ?

I would have had a shred of respect for them if she would have just came out and said “ we are afraid of Trump and and his new conservatives and sorry people but it’s more important to get on record that democrats won on 2 occasions in 4 years impeached the president than to ensure that the suffering people get their stimulus money “. She and the republicans who voted to impeach have just ensured the new conservatives will win the elections in 2 years and the next presidential election.  The Romney and McConnell Republican Party is over. Even if it is passed that Trump can never run for office, anyone who carries his convictions and he endorses will win and will undo everything they have done the past 50 years.  Trying to stop conservative speech and hypocrisy and superiority are telling us that we are ignorant and don’t have eyes and ears to understand that they are saying we are afraid of conservatives.  There are good moderate democrats who won’t have a place in the demonic democrat party and they will join the Conservative party thank you thank you. We have lived through stagnant democrat administrations we will live though this one 


Your failure is our success 😘

Update 2:

Invisible spiritman:  sweetheart it is going to be the few republicans  who voted to impeach the outdated  Romney and McConnell republicans and the over half new unsuccessfully purged conservatives moderate democrats who know that Pelosi AOC and cronies socialist agenda and hypocrisy is completely insane. Trump doesn’t have to run again he just has to endorse someone who respects our convictions. We win.  His success and strength under the failed oppression of democrats proves just that 

Update 3:

Simple fact is democrats are screwed 

Update 4:

So happy that knowing what Biden’s favorite ice cream flavors are, what kind of pussy helmet he wears when riding bikes is all you need to know to feel safe. I need to know how he is going to magically singlehanded cure COVID how he going to secure the borders

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    Funny...The party wants unity and they're unhappy and miserable 

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    2 weeks ago

    I am sorry you didn’t register to vote.

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    When I consider the "hatred" that I saw within the Democrat party yesterday while impeaching our President for the 2nd time, I can't see how this attitude will stand.

  • James
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    2 weeks ago

    That seems unlikely. The Republicans on the other hand may never recover from embracing Chump.

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  • Leo
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    2 weeks ago

    When did the party of Abe Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Ike and Reagan also become the part of Trump?  

  • 2 weeks ago

    It's more likely that it's the Republican party that is doomed, it will be split into 2 parties, the Retrumplicans, and the Republican. 

  • Kevin
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    2 weeks ago

    At some point, the ground is destined to reach out , and their faces will search for a place to plant.

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