Does radiation from microwaves, phones etc. build up in your body over the years...?

Can you detox from the radiation? 

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  • 1 month ago

    No radiation like sound waves etc pass right through or are too weak to penetrate depending. But none build up

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    No it does not buildup.  You cannot detox from something that does not accumulate.

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    Only ionising radiation can cause cumulative harm. That's nuclear radiation, ultraviolet light (specifically short wavelength UV), X-Rays etc.

    EM (Electromagnetic) radiation from phones and domestic appliances is instantly dissipated as heat and has no other effect. 

    You get more from lightbulbs than from phones and such - and the strongest single source of EM radiation any normal person will ever be exposed to is either normal sunlight, or domestic heating systems / fires! 

    Ignore all scam sites & conspiracy junk.

    Any places that use phrases like "Cellphone radiation" either have no idea what they are talking about, or are scammers trying to sell fake devices that supposedly protect you from the nonexistent danger.

    (And those "protection" devices are equally likely to increase the EM emissions from the phone, by the way).

    Likewise ignore any place that uses "Radiation" without saying what is being radiated - any energy that spreads from a  point is "radiation", whether ripples from a pebble dropped in water or acoustic radiation (sound) when you speak, or from a HiFi.

    Only Ionising radiation is accumulative.

    EM radiation is only harmful if the intensity is so high your flesh cannot dissipate the heat fast enough and it burns you - like getting too close to the radiant heat from a fire or using sunlight through a lens.

    [Radio and electronics designer for many years].

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    nonsense, it is all internet rubbish. If it were true millions would be dead by now.

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    Only way to detox is to take a rocket and move to Mars

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