Why does it seem like the Democrats are not serious about passing UBI, Medicare for all and Coronavirus relief ?

It seems like they just want to yammer on and on about racial justice and White Supremacy. They don’t want to pass these measures that would benefit all Americans. They just want to hate on whitey. 

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  • 1 week ago

    you do realize that Mitch McConnell has been in charge of the Senate for the last 4 years, right? 

    Only the Senate can pass things to the President for his signature. 

    Moscow Mitch is sitting on HUNDREDS of bills  , PASSED by Nancy Pelosi.

    and BLOCKED  by Moscow Mitch. 

    As for Biden doing anything,   well , you must not understand that he's NOT the president  yet. 

    Why doesn't  TRUMP pass any of that? He's still the president and still controls the senate, for a few more days anyway. 

    He could pass sweeping legislation in his last days,   if he wanted to. 

    But I guess playing golf is more important. 

  • !
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    2 weeks ago

    Theyre not even in power yet. Give them a week, see what theh do

  • ?
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    2 weeks ago

    We  do not care about people with little faith or insurrectionist. Ya of little faith!

  • Anonymous
    2 weeks ago

    Firstly - Trump lead TERRORISTS did change the immediate priority.

    Second - You got to wait until Ds actually have majority control of both houses and POTUS or it won't pass and you know it.  Some can NOT go as far as some would like it to, because Biden is NOT left, he is center, - He already said he is NOT for Medicare for all, BUT Medicare for all that WANT it is fine, and he also did say he wants more COVID relief, UBI I don't recall hearing Biden say either way on.

    But either way, right now Ds only control the house, once they have Senate and POTUS to, and Biden's cabinet confirmed, as well as impeachment of Trump handled - THEN all that can be dealt with.

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