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Kathy asked in Consumer ElectronicsLand Phones · 1 month ago

How do they get your landline phone number?

if you were to call somewhere only by your cell-never your landline & email them a question

Is it tracked by IP address?


And your name on their caller ID from your cellphone isn't listed in the phonebook.

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    Who is "they/them" ?     


    Since you seem to not have noticed, 

    phone numbers for a given country are usually all in the same format 

    and sequential --- as in 605 760 0000, 605 760 0001, etc. 

    No one needs to look up every number to know what numbers are possible. 


    Now, if you want to know how someone knows it's Your number, 

    one of the easiest ways is reverse lookup. 

    When that doesn't work (unlisted, maybe) there are other forms of research that can reveal a name. 

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