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Does NASA look at family health history in selecting astronauts?

All things being equal, how much weight would NASA put on family history of medical issues like heart problems, blood pressure, and other genetic issues, or even issues like alcoholism or depressive episodes in parents? 

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    No but I reckon they look into mental health. And going by past selections, their screening process is not all that successful.

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    To a certain extent, yes... I don't believe they'd investigate alcoholism history, and there's enough psychiatric research on each subject that family history of depression episodes would be brought to light - although it may not be a deciding factor in astronaut selection.

    Here's a brief outline on 'managing risks to astronauts' - and some of the things they look at... mostly, it's about looking for physiological history that may hamper an astronaut on a long mission:

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     Haven't heard of them diving into family health history z

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    they chiefly zoom on your astrology, esp. in relation to many years in the future

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