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Why does Donald Trump not declassify all the secret reports that show the fraudulent politicians that are now trying to impeach him?

what the hell is wrong with him? has he been offered a deal? by who probably and what it is?

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    Gross error, the people are told the President has sweeping power.

    But, the truth is the Civil Servants control the Government,

    The Civil Servants (FBI, HSA, TSA, etc.) determine what may be released or not, mostly not. If you have not noticed congress cannot get information that should be freely available due to CS foot dragging,  obfuscation, and out right unwilling to divulge their practices. Congress gives money to the CIA and, is told to mind their own business as to how it is spent.

    You should have noticed that the DNC does not want trials, Not even allowing the Perjury cases to proceed. Because a Perjury trial would mean evidence could be presented in Open Court.  The DNC goes to great endeavour to stop any data getting to a court.   No trials, no evidence, only conjecture.

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    The only thing I can think of is that it's one of those You can not discuss an on going Case ?....

     But the Affidavit from that AZ, US cybersecurity expert Colonel Phil Waldron stating they saw packets going to this CIA Base, then the Italian news release:

    Sounds like Trump has the Obligation to call this an act of War !!!

    And to all the Brain Dead Sheep that still listen to the Propagandist (Main Stream Media), thank about it !!!!

     "IF" Trump "REALY" Lost, then is all we have to do is Get the List of LEGAL US VOTERS in those 6 contested States and have a CERTIFIED REVOTE !!!!

    "IF" Trump looses the he will loose twice and can not say there was any Fraud !

    "BUT" if it turns out that 100's of Thousands of Biden Votes Disappear, then We just Save the American People from FASCIST trying to take away our RIGHT TO CHOOSE OUR PRESIDENT !!!!  And we would stop a Coup Detat against America !

    Note only the DEM’s and DC Status Quo (a.k.a Swamp) do not want this to happen !

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    2 months ago

    Because there are no secret papers that show your BS

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Well I guess his healthcare plan will come out in 2 weeks during the Biden Administration. It's cute you people think Trump is King Solomon with a magic ring and knows Everything.

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  • 2 months ago

    Because there are no such documents. 

    Trump is going to be convicted in the Senate, and then stripped of any further right to hold any public office, his businesses are all going broke, no one wants to be connected with his treason, and he will be criminally prosecuted and convicted for his many, many crimes. 

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  • 2 months ago

    He will do that on the 19th to overshadow Biden inauguration.

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