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does anyone know who John Radcliffe is?  why he has not released the Dep. of National Intelligence report yet regarding election fraud?

and foreign interference in the 2020 election? if you remember it was due on the president's desk on the 18th of Dec. but they stated that it would be delayed because they could not decide if the foreign interference was from Russia or China or Iran, but there was interference, but that was the last i heard.

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    John Radcliffe is a partisan hack -- a congressman who was unqualified to be named as Director of National Intelligence.

    The problem is that the Administration does not want to release the report because it will show more Russian attempts to interfere with the election (similar to their more successful efforts in 2016).  Radcliffe has tried to spin it as unknown country in support of unknown candidate but the full report will make it clear that ti was Russia in support of Trump.  Therefore, the full report can't be released and any attempt to partially release the report will get so many leaks about what is in the full report that it would be counterproductive.  

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    Sooooo...... What's you're saying is that you've got nothing.

    We already knew that. 

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    because he was fired by trump 

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