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An owl is carrying a mouse to the chicks in its nest. It is 4.00 m west and 12.0 m above the center of the 30 cm diameter nest and is flying east at 3.00 m/s at an angle 29° below the horizontal when it accidentally drops the mouse. Will it fall into the nest? Find out by solving for the horizontal position of the mouse (measured from the point of release) when it has fallen the 12.0 m.

Answer: ____m (From point release)I need help!! I have watched videos and attempted to do the calculations but no matter what I try the answer is wrong..

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    One COULD find the time it takes for the mouse to fall, and then get the horizontal distance it travels in that time. But I like the trajectory equation:

    y = h + x·tanΘ - g·x² / (2v²·cos²Θ)

    where y = height at x-value of interest = 0

    and h = initial height = 12.0 m

    and x = range of interest = ???

    and Θ = launch angle = -29º

    and v = launch velocity = 3.00 m/s

    Dropping units for ease (x is in meters)

    0 = 12.0 + x*tan-29º - 9.8x²/(2*3.00²*cos²(-29º))

    0 = 12.0 - 0.5543x - 0.71173x²

    This quadratic has roots at x = -4.51 m (ignore)

    and x = 3.74 m

    To reach the near side of the nest would require X = 3.85 m, so the mouse does NOT reach the nest.

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