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Custody battle. ?

If my son who’s (5) lives with me 24/7 and I take care of him every day without help from his mom he has his own room, i feed him well, I do all his classes with him and he has autism so he gets therapy sessions through zoom all his teachers and therapists are very please with how I’ve been doing with my son. His mom is living her life with her new boyfriend so she doesn’t really care for him only when he goes to work at 5pm and all she would text is  (is my son okay) 


Sorry I got distracted by my son my question is will have a good chance of getting custody? 

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    Keep records on how mom interacts, how many times she initiates contact and that sort of thing. Does she take him to Dr appointments or home school him? How involved is she in his life, thus far (since birth). 

    Get letters of reference from everybody who knows you and your child. You seem like you have the best interest of the child in mind. Is her boyfriend an up standing guy or does he have an arrest record? Find out. How about her? Would she pass a drug hair follicle test? Are you willing to take one?

    Prove that you are a better parent if you want primary custody of your son.

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    WHERE matters.  If you can PROVE that the other "doesn't really care" for the child, yes.  If you CAN'T prove that, it's anyone's guess.

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    Get a lawyer, but if you already have custody and are caring for him, it should not be hard to get full custody.

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    Go to a lawyer; demand Sole Custody, Child Support and Supervised Visits only.

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    Is she on drugs or something? Sounds like a lot more going on than just a boyfriend.

    Keep track of all communications with her.

    A "good chance" of custody means an uphill battle if you're male. You need to consult a lawyer who specializes in family law.

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    What is your question? 

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