Question about pie?

Is Strawberry rhubarb the usual classic combination or are there other types of rhubarb pies?


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    2 weeks ago
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    Yes. There's rhubarb pie. It's got no strawberries. It's the kind that people generally make homemade from rhubarb that grows in their backyards. The reason store-bought throws in strawberries is rhubarb is too hard to cultivate, making strawberries a far cheaper substitute to use to replace a portion of the more expensive, harder to get rhubarb.

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    2 weeks ago

    Rhubarb also goes well with raspberries, with plums or with apple, or on its own.

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    I've seen apple-rhubarb, and one time, I made a "bluebarb" pie- rhubarb and blueberries and it was HEAVEN. In stores and at restaurants, I pretty much only ever seen strawberry rhubarb, not even plain rhubarb. 

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    2 weeks ago

    What a good answer the first Anonymous gave.

    I've also heard that strawberry-rhubarb pie is cheaper than all rhubarb (unless you grow your own), so it's a cost-saving measure, too.

    I've made all-rhubarb pies--a hot baked pie more like a cherry pie than a strawberry-rhubarb pie--a few times, since my husband loves them. I don't grow it and I spend a silly amount on fresh rhubarb.

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