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Greetings. Who is the female Tennis player who was on the court without Underwear or Shorts ?

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    Martina Hingis, one of the most-celebrated players of the 1990s was accused early in her career of not wearing underwear on a couple of occasions, but those were all proven to be untrue.

    The accusations came about because by the mid-1990s most female players were regularly wearing compression or "sport shorts" under their skirts which covered everything down to the upper thigh.  Part of this was for the greater comfort and support but a large part was due to the growing market for "upskirt" pictures in trashy magazines and the rapidly-emerging world of the interwebs...

    Hingis preferred to wear regular cotton panties under her skirt well into her professional career.  Over the course of long matches, the panties would often "ride" up, giving glimpses of her full lower "cheeks" when she bent over or after a hard follow through.  These peeks, caught on camera, led to the claims that she was playing "commando."

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