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For somebody terrified of spiders, which state is better: Florida or Texas? ?

I hear Florida spiders are ridiculously big, but not as common inside. 

But my friend from TX says she’s never seen a really big spider, so I’m leaning towards Texas. What do you think, and why?Backstory: I hate the cold. Like is that really necessary?! Haha but really. I’m also looking for whichever has better public transportation, or less traffic (I get anxiety when I drive). Just. What do you think? I’m working on my anxiety towards spiders and driving... but it takes time. 

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    I think your mileage may vary.  For example, Texas is a huge state with variable climates.  For example, if you are close to the Gulf of Mexico (Houston), the climate is moister, more vegetation etc..  Other parts of Texas are dry and arid (Abilene).  

    Florida isn't as large or varied as Texas, but it's another very large (physically) state with varied environments. 

    Point being you should be more specific than Texas or Florida.  You should ask by city/town/county.

    That being said, I live in Florida, Sarasota to be specific, I rarely see spiders.   

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    We have dangerous black widow spiders in every corner and over-sensationalized brown recluses under every bed, board, stick, and stone. We have fanged tatantulas... colorful, harmless garden spiders as big as your hand, dull brown wolf spiders clicking their toes at night... just as harmless.

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    I will stay in Texas.  Florida is okay to visit.  I have seen some big ones but some of the big ones are not dangerous.  Public transportation is not great in Texas but Dallas is improving.  I don't know about Houston.  I live in a small town.

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    You can see tarantulas in West Texas, but Texas isn't particularly known for spiders. Texas is dryer than Florida, except on the coast where it is quite humid. 

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    Texas has some very big spiders too, at least around Houston.   I'm not afraid of spiders, but have been startled sometimes at the size when accidently coming upon a giant web outside.  Also in both Texas and Florida you have to spray your home with pesticide at least annually or things like roaches are guaranteed to move in.    The warmer it is the bigger the bugs and the more bugs.   Beyond that I don't care for the weather in Texas.  Texas summers are even hotter than Florida with the same extreme humidity and Texas winters can still be cold enough, especially at night, to keep you from comfortably sitting outside.    Florida, California, and Hawaii are the only places that mostly have truly good weather all year round in my opinion.  

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