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I’m 70 pounds overweight, 26 year old female, virgin, and realize that I need to change. Is it safe to lose 70 pounds in a year? ?

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    Wrong question. You should be asking, "How do I lose 70 pounds and keep it off?" That is the question. The answer is, exercise, determination and portion control when you eat. 

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    Why do you feel like being a virgin is something you have to change?

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    Did you try Keto Diet? It worked for me, I drop 16 lbs in 3 weeks! 

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    --  Yes, you can safely lose that weight, and with plenty of exercise and keeping a check on what you eat, and the calorie intake, is your best choice of doing so.

    --  Losing weight is extremely hard, even when you want to do so. Looking after your calorie intake, plenty of exercise are methods a person usually uses, and most unfortunately do not reach their goals, and often with crash diets, end up putting on more weight rapidly afterwards.--  I am a male, and have been as high as 50kgs (110 pounds) overweight at one point. I have been overweight most of my life except when I was a war correspondent and doing a lot of walking and running carrying a lot of heavy equipment. That lasted for two years. It was not until I was diagnosed with "Multiple Myeloma" and was given chemotherapy that I lost my appetite, my taste buds changed so I could not eat some foods, or the amount of that food, etc. After 10 months, I lost 40 kgs (88 pounds) and was done to my ideal weight. Since the chemo has stopped and my appetite has returned, and my taste buds have returned to normal, and I can eat what I could earlier, I have gradually gained 7 kgs (15.4 pounds) over three years.

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    When it comes to losing 70 pounds or more, the large number can seem quite intimidating, especially if you’re just getting started.

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    70 pounds in one year is do-able. It's less than 6 pounds per month. That's just a bit over a pound every week. 

     It won't be easy, but I can give you a few tips. 

    1.) Eat protein first, vegetables next, and carbs LAST. That way you will be more full when you eat the carbs, automatically reducing your intake. Eat SLOWLY. Let your body catch up with your food. 

    2.) Add at least 3 more vegetables to your regular foods list. Adding more veggies will increase your metabolism, and reduce your hunger.

    3.) Start and keep a food log. Write down every single thing you eat.  It might sound like a tedious task, but nothing will be more useful to show you where and when you overeat, and where you can cut down. 4.) Start controlling portions. Most of us eat portions that are far too large, which adds calories. 5.)  Do not mistake that mid-afternoon "slump" you feel (about 1-2 hours after lunch) as HUNGER. It's not hunger--it's your high blood glucose that causes you to feel logy and sleepy. Getting up and walking around will bring it down, and it will prevent you from having some high-sugar, high-carb snack. 6.)  You can "diet" or you can change your habits. Both will let you lose weight, but ONLY the latter will result in the weight loss you want and be permanent. Dieting may allow you to lose more weight fast, but it will rebound just as fast. Weigh yourself at the same time every day--not at all sorts of times. Your weight will fluctuate during the day, and it can lead to a false idea of what might be happening. There are some useful planned meal programs that can teach you how to eat and what if you stick to them rigidly--such as the Jenny Craig system or Nutrisystem. The problem is that they are expensive and you HAVE to keep them up, or you won't see the results you want. Another idea might be a meal-delivery or kit program like Blue Apron or Hello Fresh--there are tons of them out there--and they vary greatly, so do your homework first. 

    Good luck with your endeavor. I can also tell you this: even if you only lose HALF of that weight, you'll have done yourself a huge favor. So don't focus on the END result, focus on trying to get through 5-6 pounds a month instead. 

  • Marc
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    Yes its safe to do so, but how you do it is important. Not just a crash diet but a lifestyle change with good eating habits and exercise

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    What does virgin have to do with the question?

  • kelvin
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    2 months ago

    of course it's safe if you can do it

  • Murzy
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    2 months ago

    I lost 50 lbs on Weight Watchers in 8 months.

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