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Have you ever been warehouse for 5he adult industry?

I just went to bid floor cleaning at a warehouse. About the size of a large grocery store, about 50,000 SF. 8 didn't know 8t was adult products when I walked in. They had a lot of packing both wholesale and retail going on. They told me the shift was staggered, starts at 6am and ends at 4pm. Two start at 6am, 2 at 7am and two at am. They even two people on weekends working 8-4. They would like the floors swept daily and scrubbed weekly. Our power sweeper is 32 inches wide. Takes about 2 hours to sweep and 3 hours to scrub.

What shocked me was the size of this warehouse. There was about a 6,000 shipping area and about 6,000 SF receiving area. It just seems like a lot. The manager said this company had another warehouse twice this size near Kansas City. I never imagined how much of this stuff was purchased. I think we will win the bid too.

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    As a truck driver, I've been amazed many times. I seen a corn meal wherehouse about the size of a large walmart x 3 with large pallet sized bags of cornmeal stacked to the ceiling (the place was full). It was clearly part of a food reserve supply. There was enough in there too give the entire country supplement for weeks.

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