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Is 34 & 36 a bit too late to have kids or would you say it’s a perfect age? ?

I plan on having kids in my 30’s. Around 34 for first and around 36/37 for second, that’s if we do plan on having a second. 

I’ve done fertility testing and everything is ok and my doctor says there should be no problem having one at 34 but I’m just wondering if I’m leaving it a bit too late or not? 

My grandma had her first at 38 and second at 41 and my mum always says she wish she was younger. 

I feel 34 and 36 seems alright but now I’m a bit worried. But I also don’t see myself having them any younger for many reasons. 

Anyone here have kids a bit later? Are you glad you done it later? 

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  • Helen
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    1 month ago

    There are both advantages and disadvantages to being an older parent, but you should do whatever's best for you.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Regarding fertility issues and health issues, the 30's are still fairly safe for the majority of women.  Many women do have children in their 30's and have absolutely no problems or complications.

    But - Sorry - I can't agree to calling it "the perfect age"

    BUT - what is right for ME doesn't mean it is right for everyone.  I had MY reasons for wanting my family sooner - you have your reasons for wanting your family later.My husband and I both agreed that we wanted at least two children and that we wanted to have them before the age of 30.  The age of 30 was a hard cut off point that we both agreed would not be crossed.  We wanted to be done raising our family by the time we hit 50.  That was OUR life goal.  It fit our life plans.  That doesn't mean it fits everyone's life plans.YOU need to decide what is right for YOU.  And NO ONE has any right to judge you for YOUR choices.  It is YOUR life.I am very happy with my choice.  I am currently 55.  My daughters are done with college and have a decent start with their lives and I can turn my focus to retirement planning and savings instead of still dealing with school and college expenses.  This was MY choice and MY goal - and it worked out great for us.  That doesn't mean it is right for everyone else.

    One last thing - my mom was 35 when she had me.  (my dad was 39).  My husband's parents were also in their 30's when they had him.  Our parents didn't seem unhappy about having children in their 30's.  In fact, we know we were planned and wanted.  But, in our cases, we come from larger families and they also had several children during their 20's too.  We both have siblings that are nearly 15 years older than we are.

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