As a music producer, how would you suggest I find out which style / genre of music I produce?

I'm aware that genre is a limiting factor that doesn't really mean much -  however for this particular project, I am looking at selling my music / beats, for which it is necessary to have an existing entry point / qualifier so that people have an idea what they are getting into or possibly purchasing..

I have found it impossible to self-categorise... my gut says something like 'Dreamscape', 'Dream-hop' or 'Electro grunge' might be appropriate, but these don't exist as far as i'm aware. Possibly falls into chillwave, synthwave etc, not quite sure it's quite like this though..


I am well over 20 years and have been playing music at least for 15 years of my life. Although I'm relatively new to music production, and maybe that doesn't make me a music producer, I am interested in doing it, and enjoy doing it. 

Before you put down a sarcastic unhelpful troll answer, don't waste mine and your time. Helpful answers only, please.

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  • Foxy
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    2 months ago
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    Create your own style, no need to catalog. Musical genres are just art, you can create what you like, if it sounds good, what does the genre matter?

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    I'll bet any amount of money you're under the age of 20. Every single one of you kids think you're " music producers". When in fact it takes years to learn music production.

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