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Old age app?

I see they only work on an iPhone or Ipad.  Is there any that works on a pc?  

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  • 1 month ago

    An identical looking app available on iPhone, Android, Mac or PC is actually four totally different apps which simply look the same and attempt to do exactly the same job. Now that later iPads also have their own iPadOS, that adds a fifth different operating system to that list. Although at the moment, it’s still relatively easy for developers to convert an iPhone iOS app to an iPadOS version, but not so easy to convert in the opposite direction as iPad OS apps often take advantage of hardware on iPads which iPhones lack.

    So whichever “old age app” you have seen for an iPhone or an iPad may or may not be available on PC. 

    Without knowing what this “old age app” is and exactly what it’s for, and where you live on this planet, it is not even possible to suggest alternatives. Where you live is a factor because many apps are not available in all countries.

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