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How many calories should I eat?

I want to maintain— I’m 5’2 and 105 pounds. I walk 55,000 steps a day (mail woman), and workout an hour a day. I feel bad bc i was so hungry today that I ate 3500 calories. I just don’t even know how much to eat 😔 

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    there are online calculators. you probably need like 1700 calories at most (for most your size its like 1400 but you exercise a lot) but i could be wrong.

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    To maintain your weight you have to make sure that you are balancing your calorie with your calorie intake.  You caloric burn rate is NOT just the calories you burn off from walking or exercising.

    Here is how you calculate your actual daily burn rate:  Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) + exercise or physical activities.

    BMR is how much calories your body burns in just keeping you alive. Calorie is a unit of measure for energy.  It takes energy to keep your body temperature constant, heart beating, lungs breathing, and more.  How much calorie/energy your body burns off in a day doing all that is your BMR.  If you do a search online, your will find dozens of online BMR calculators you can use to get an estimate of your BMR.

    Using your BMR, you then add how much calories you burn from walking 55,000 steps and 1 hour of exercise. This will give you the max limit of how much calories you can consume.

    For example, lets say your BMR=1300. For your stats, 55,000 steps is about 1260 calories, and 1 hour of exercises = X (because you did not state what kinds of exercises).

    Your caloric limit for the day is 1300+1260+X  This means you must not eat more than the total and if you eat less, you would be losing weigh.  NOTE: there is a margin of error built into all this so you can be about +/- 100 calories; meaning you don't have to be exact, but within the tolerances of +/- your daily limit.

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    To maintain your weight it's important to keep balance in everything (physical activities, proper nutrition, drinking enough water, good rest, etc.), so it's a complex issue. There are certain apps that can help harmonize every aspect. I would suggest you try MyFitnessPal, Eat This Much, and Lose It. You could learn about their functionality here

    I hope they'll help you.

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    how much do you weigh , 2,500 calories should be enough for a busy female .

  • 55,000 steps is a lot, but calorie burning depends on how quickly you're walking. Maybe you should get one of those fitness trackers, that tells you how many calories you're actually burning, and how many steps you're actually taking. Then you can plan meals that will fill you up and give you energy. 

    I get at least 10,000 steps in at my ware house job. I eat lighter meals that keep me full and give me energy. 

    Don't have take out or dine out too often. Those are empty calories, unless you try to be healthy about it by adding protein and vegetables without a lot of cream, sugar and butter. 

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    You can use a TDEE calculator to give you a decent range of calories.  If you use a fitness tracker and a food tracker app, you can chart your consumption.  A good daily calorie range for you is probably 2000 - 2200 given your actively level. 

    Don't feel bad about eating more than you normally do.  That isn't helpful.  You just don't want to get in the habit of overeating. As others have noted, what is most important over time is ensuring the foods you choose are nutrient-dense.  If you fuel your body with foods that are high in volume and nutrients, and low in calories (like vegetables), along with adequate protein and fat, you are likely to be less hungry because you stomach is full and your body is properly fueled.  Also, make sure you're getting adequate hydration.  Your need for water is probably significantly higher than someone who works at a desk job.  Being thirsty is often a trigger for wanting to eat.

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    What you need to do is track your intake and see what happens over time. If you are eating 3500 and maintaining, then that's fine.  If you are gaining, then it's too much, if losing, it's not enough.

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    According to the Mifflin-St Jeor Formula, a active female of 5'2 who weighs 105 pounds has a today daily energy expenditure of 2000 calories. Thus, to maintain, eat 2000 calories a day, but pay attention to the quality of foods-about 50% of your diet should be carbs (whole wheat bread, dark leafy greens, fruits, vegetables, beans specifically), 25% protein (tuna, meats, protein powder supplement shakes, eggs) and 25% fats (try to get most from healthy sources, like nuts, canola/olive oil, avocado- avoid solid fats (like animal fats) or oils with lots of saturated fats.)

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