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What printer kind will punch print on an inserted index card?

Thank-you for helping me out.  I am new to the printing realm but what I am looking for is a printer that I can insert by hand something like an index card into and it prints wording or a pattern and then I can pull the card away.

The best way I can describe this action is almost kind of like a card time punch machine.  You put the index card in, it prints something like a couple sentences, and then you pull the index card back out.  What kind of printer am I looking for?  Are they cheap?  Where can I find an old used one?


The intent here is to actually print over and over again.  Imagine inserting a credit card into a chip reader and you pull it out from the same direction when done.  Now envision inserting an index card into a printer in the same manner and it prints something on it

Update 2:

The card can't go through the printer machine because of what is attached to it.

To the person that recommended the label machine thank-you for your comment.  It has caused me to consider something useful with that idea perhaps.

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    how about a labelmaker machine?

    otherwise, you just need a time clock machine.

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    Edit Two:  AHA!  Found one.  Called a Document Stamp Printer - second item down on this page:

    Plus, Here is another idea which might work for your issue.  Hand Held printer....

    EDIT: thanks for the update, but I still don't see the need to remove the card the same way it went in.  If you can insert the card in the manual feed of any printer, it's pulled through and pops out the same, your card is printed.  Please, help me to understand why you need it to come out the way it went in.  


    Perhaps if you told us what your use is, it would help us identify what you need.  As is, I can suggest any printer which would have a manual feed tray. You put the card in, hit print, the card is pulled through printed. Next card, repeat.  

    Are you doing something which has a special need where this wouldn't work? 

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    "Punch printing" is what dot matrix printers are for. It emulates the old typewriter. Epson still makes them. They cost as much as a good ink jet or a cheap laser printer. 

    As for the pulling out, that would have to be programmed. The printer takes in paper with rollers. You can either set the program to eject the paper normally after the print or you can let it stop safely so that you can loosen the rollers' grip with just the pull of a small lever and then pull out the paper. Otherwise, you'll damage the printer.

    Banks still use these type of printers and yes, you'll see the tellers pull out the passbooks right after printing which is much what you are asking for.

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    Buy a rubber stamp kit at a stationery store.

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