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How to change my perspective of my body?

I am 22 and my body and face does not look like when I was younger and I am getting depressed. I weight 100 pounds and have giant boobs that I hate! Also not only did my boobs grow but my body structure looks different and bad I do not like it. And to make it worse I am very self conscious about wrinkles I am getting under my eyes and my facial features are getting more marked. 

I want to cry! 

I do not even want to try on clothes I feel like it all looks bad.

Please help! 


Thank you so much Kari! I will try the Olay Moisturizer as well :) 

Update 2:

Thank You Petter! My mom mentioned that as well, I will be seeking a therapist soon! 

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    The old granny part of me wants to slap you and say, "You're 22! Get over yourself!"

    But I'll be nice. (for now)

    Try just touching certain parts of your body (not sexually), and saying something that you like about it.  Such as, "I'm glad my legs are thin because _____."  "Or, my legs may be thin, but they hold me up, look great in skinny jeans, and are aerodynamic."  and do that for other body parts.  Your hips, your shins, your earlobes, etc.People mistake me for being much younger all the time.  The best advice I have for staying young.

    1. Stay out of the sun!! Turn your back on it, wear sunscreen and a hat or use a beach umbrella.  Seriously.  The tan is not worth it.2. Don't smoke / quit smoking.   Not only do smokers look old but they sound horrible after decades.  And they smell awful.  Not to mention their walls and light fixtures are nasty and yellow.

    3. Use moisturizer daily, twice if you tend to have dry skin.  I stick with simple Oil of Olay SPF 15.

    4. Keep the makeup to a minimum - the less you put on, the less you have to wipe off, and the less you have to pull your fingers across your face, stretching it out.5. Wash your face twice daily.  Even a simply washcloth or even your hands and water will do the trick on days when you don't wear makeup.

    6. Try to avoid touching your face throughout the day.  Find another place to put your hands.  This really helps with acne.

    7  Smile a lot and joke a lot.  This might seem counter-intuitive, but smile lines are much more attractive and youthful than a scowl or stoic face.

    8.  (eye roll) "eat healthy (for weight) and exercise" (for blood flow, flexibility, heart health, and muscle tone) - blah, blah blah. *sigh*

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    Now is maybe a good time to go talk to a therapist...

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