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why is redbull banned in some muslim countries like iran ?

while , south korean drinks are popular . south koreans eat dogs . 

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  • Rico
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    2 months ago
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    The Redbull you know is an Austrian knockoff of the Thai beverage Krating Daeng

  • 2 months ago

    South Korean drinks have lab tested and researched ingredients like coffee, rice, sugar, sweet potato, etc. Red Bull has under researched ingredients like taurine and has been linked to irregular heat rhythms that can be quite dangerous and leads to many emergency visits. Also, when Red Bull is added to alcohol drinks, keeps the drinker alert, drinking longer, and unaware of their level of intoxication, whereas South Korean drinks do not have these negative drawbacks that can lead to violence, injury, accidents, etc. Selling dog meat in Korea is not legal, yet done under ground. However, being it is illegal and serves no taste or other benefit to secretly add it to a drink, it has not concerned the beverage suppliers in the Middle East. It's like how the United States has a huge meth aka illegal drug problem, yet, China does not stop exporting Pepsi in fear we have added meth to the Pepsi.

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