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What do you call this food allergy?

If you are told you are allergic to a type of chocolate or Coke drink but it doesn't affect you bad if you consume it what do you call that type of allergy

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    It could just be food sensitivity. Or just an allergy of an uncommon additive. There's no name for that.

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    It depends who told you and what they said, specifically.

    Both substances you mentioned are  complex compounds and it would be highly unlikely that an accurate diagnosis would result in you being told you were allergic to either.

    An accurate diagnosis would be that you were allergic to "XYZ" where "XYZ" is a specific thing found in the food/drink that you react to.

    Allergies can be mild or severe but even mild allergies can result in life threatening reactions depending on exposure.

    Other people may have an intolerance, sensetivity, or malabsorption issue rather than an allergy.  These are more likely to cause a gastric upset while true allergies cause hives/ swelling/ breathing disruption/ etc.

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