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how do I fit in a group of gals??

so here's the thing ,i'm a 13 year old ....and i play wicked basketball...but the thing is i play with 8-12 year olds i wanna play with the other team with 13-16 year olds .......but they aready have a group but i'm scared if they'll let me play with them or not ..i need to try asking ..but is there anyother way??

Update: ...i finally asked them and they let me play but i wanna have a friendly bond with them but all they talk about is each other wt should i do then???no rude answers ..oh btw cookie for you!

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    Your question has nothing to do with Theatre and Acting. Please click on Edit and move it to a more suitable category.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    You won't get any better dominating little kids.

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