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If my former friend talks negative about me, would this be ok to say to her or should I just ignore her?

My former friend keeps telling me over and over, “The reason why you can’t get a boyfriend because you’re too innocent and naive.” She would even exaggerate about it. I stayed away from her. My parents think she’s rude and doesn’t care what others think. She also doesn’t dress appropriately for church. If I see her again and she brings that up to me again, would this be ok to say? I was thinking about saying, “Since you don’t have a boyfriend yet, do you use a cucumber?” If so, why or why not? What could happen if I ask her that question?

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    I would ignore her. Don’t stoop to her level and be hurtful back. It could hurt your reputation. If she says it again, I would reply thanks for the info and walk away. 

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    There are simply too many variables here to give a reasonable answer.  It sounds to me like you might be suffering depression, in which case she was perfectly right to check your welfare, but that's just a guess.

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