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In the movie, "Catch Me If You Can", why doesn't FBI Agent Hanratty accept Frank Abagnale's apology for what happened in Los Angeles?

In the movie, "Catch Me If You Can", Frank Abagnale (Leonardo Dicaprio) calls FBI Agent Hanratty (Tom Hanks) on Christmas Eve from his New York hotel room and says sorry for what happened in L.A. with Abagnale falsely posing as a Secret Service Agent trying to look for Abagnale, why does Agent Hanratty say "You don't apologize to me."?

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    Well because he cost him and the Government millions of dollars trying to catch him, and the fact there of. All the trouble lol. Plus he's a kid trying to get pity.

    That's why he makes fun of him saying he has no one else to call.

    They became friends though. 

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